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A warm welcome to the Italian restaurant "Il Ponte"!

After 30 years of successful experience in the restaurant business in Italy and in the US, Chef Beni, brings the delicious and authentic Italian cuisine to Woburn, MA.

Beni’s passion for cooking, his service-driven commitment and his dreams, are shared and lived with his wife and partner, Hortenca.

Hortenca has worked in the Restaurant Management and Hospitality business for 25 years.

The two raised a family in Italy, worked together and knew they could accomplish so much more in life for self and for others. About 10 years ago, they moved to the US and gained further experience.

In 2022 they are proudly opening their own restaurant IL PONTE.

"Our aspiration is to share the fine taste of Italian culture and cuisine with everyone. We hope to create a cozy environment, where you enjoy good times and great food. We want to make sure you will revisit us for a long time!" Beni, Hortenca and family

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